Our Services
Our Services
Specialised Techniques
At MyLab, we focus exclusively on dermatopathology. This means our team are experts in the processing, detection, and diagnosis of skin cancers and skin disorders.

We use a combination of specialised physical techniques, cell staining, and immunohistochemistry testing to process specimens. Our ability to perform these tests in-house and on-demand reduces the time practitioners, and their patients, spend waiting for results.

Our technicians are expertly trained in the processing of Mohs surgery cases – a technique widely regarded as the gold standard for removing cancerous cell while saving as much healthy tissue as possible. All Mohs cases are prioritised and our pathologists are always available to discuss the best course of action for patient treatment.

Once the specimens arrive to our lab, we expect results to be ready in 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, the pathologists may add extra tests or special stains are to assist in the diagnosis. We recommend the patients make an appointment with their doctor to discuss results about one week after the sample is taken. Upon request, urgent cases can be processed within 24 hours.

Online web reports are available for registered referrers.
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Our pathologists produce concise but comprehensive reports, which can include diagrams and images to help both doctors and patients understand the diagnosis. We are able to create customised reports based on our doctors’ request, giving you the detail you need and how you want it.

Reports can be delivered by fax, hard copy, or electronic download. If you would like to set up your practice to receive reports via electronic download, visit the HealthLink website, or call us on (07) 3726 1020 and we can assist you.

Are you looking for a copy of a pathology report? If you are not a referring doctor or the patient’s documented practioner, please complete our Patient Results Release Form and fax it to us at (07) 3277 3744.

MyLab is an accredited CPD Education provider, registered with the RACGP. We routinely organise education seminars and consultations with our pathologists.

The MyLab Surgical Skin Audit activity offers participants a tool to asses their clinical practice and diagnostic accuracy, helping to review and refine their dermatology techniques. For more information, please view our Skin Audit brochure (introduction only). To register for the Skin Audit, please complete the audit registration form and email it to us at admin@mylab.com.au or fax it to us at (07) 3277 3744. If you would like to know more about our skin audits, please get in contact with us.

This activity has been approved with the 2020-2022 RACGP Education Program for 40 CPD points.

Courier Services
Our couriers are reliable, experienced, and always friendly. You can trust them to take excellent care of your pathology cases. We like to keep in close contact with our local clinics to make sure we are providing the best service possible. To book a specimen pick up, please call us on (07) 3726 1020.

For interstate clinics, we can organise specimen pick up and transport to our laboratory in Brisbane and provide you with all the shipping supplies you need.

Pathology Supplies

MyLab can provide everything your practice requires for pathology specimen collections. We supply Formalin-filled specimen jars in various sizes, specimen collection bags, MyLab request forms with removable labels, and many other clinical supplies. We also have developed a number of kits to assist in clinical procedures. These are individually packaged sets tailored to what doctors like in their clinics.

If you are one of our registered referrers, we will provide your order free of charge. Download the MyLab stock order form here.